Quarantine rule to give a boost to Qatar’s hospitality industry

East agency is providing the Qatari hotel industry since 2018. This agency will allow you to have a memorable experience with the best products. We have created a better portfolio and we had created our partnership with some of the best brands in the hotel industry of Qatar. And we are so proud that we brought this kind of the product in Qatar and we are thinking to globalize our portfolio.

Chances to prove the hospitality of the Qatar increased during the quarantine. There were designated quarantine hotels and according to CWQ report, post covif-19 reopening for the Qatar also involve the stay at the quarantine hotels for at least two weeks mandatory for the people entering Qatar. East agency horeca is providing this opportunity for people coming in Qatar and have to do this quarantine rule in order to stay there longer.

Everyone is conscious now a day about the hygiene and the place where they live because of the sanitary conditions that are required during covid-19. The danger is not yet gone completely. People are still catching the virus and it is important to know that no matter if the quarantine is over or not, the virus is still around us. And it depends on us to take the precautions so that we cannot be the victim of this virus.

As we know that lockdown created a lot of mess and there is decline in tourist arrival by air by 49% in 2020 as compared to 2019 because of the restrictions that was enforced by the government in Qatar for the international travel issues. Visitors numbers decreased a lot I this year but we can also see that how much the number is going to increase. Especially in 2022 during the FIFA world cup.

East agency Horeca will give the wonderful experience to all of the visitor with all the precautions and amazing product services that will be needed for the hospitality of the guests arriving here from all over the world.