The Recovery Path of Tourism and Hospitality Industry Post COVID-19 Pandemic

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted the Tourism and Hospitality Industry significantly in Qatar. In fact, medium and small businesses are among the most influenced by it. The number of job losses and hotel closures are evidence of the vicious effect of pandemic on the industry. A large number of hotels and travel agencies have suspended their operations due to the lack of demand. Meanwhile, businesses that are operating are struggling to do so. However, it is not impossible to recover. A number of companies operating in the industry have begun adapting to the pandemic and it offers opportunities that should be adopted by other businesses as well.

Following are the steps in the recovery path of Qatari Tourism and Hospitality Industry:

Revising Finances

A number of businesses in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry have revised their finances. It is important for both hotels and travel businesses to scope out impacts on the budget for the next three months and identify where modifications can be made. The alignment of immediate decisions to strategic priorities will play an important role in recovering.

Going Virtual

One of the most important steps in recovering from the effects of pandemic is to go virtual. Although face-to-face interactions cannot be managed, businesses can still interact with their customers virtually. Therefore, there should be a focus on staying connected and encouraging team members to adapt. For businesses in the industry, boosting the morale of employees is essential during the time of crisis.

Decreasing Marketing

At the moment, marketing hotel and travel services is not effective because it will only be lost in the shuffle and people might not perceive it well. Some businesses have already hit their brakes on marketing and there is a need for other businesses to do the same. Instead of it, there is a need to emphasize the safety of staff and customers. It will help in the development of credibility. In addition to it, to continue making revenues, there is a need to focus on maintaining hygiene. It will help in the attraction of customers both during the crisis and after it.